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Vitol – another Swiss commodities group that does not respect human rights

«Vitol cares too little about the human rights of its workforce». This is the finding from a study done by the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and Bread for All on the largest Swiss corporation in terms of revenue. The study conducted by the two...

Emergency aid – how much longer?

In early July 2015, a man committed suicide in the Ibach temporary accommodation for refugees in the city of Lucerne. He had come to Switzerland twelve years earlier and, after a refused request for asylum, he had lived off emergency aid for the most time...

New recommendations from the UN Committee against Torture for Switzerland

The Committee against Torture has proposed the inclusion of an explicit ban on torture and on inhuman and degrading treatment in Switzerland’s criminal law. The UN expert body has urged for the creation of independent complaint mechanisms in case of...

Political rights for foreigners in Switzerland

In Switzerland, foreigners are largely excluded from participation in the political system. They can't cast votes in federal ballots or participate in federal elections. But cantons and municipalities can issue their own provisions on political...

Law on the control of the activities of Swiss security service providers abroad

The Federal Act on Private Security Services Provided Abroad (PSA) and the relevant ordinance will enter into force on 1 September 2015. The Federal Council made this decision on 24 June 2015. As of the beginning of September, mercenary companies will be... / MERS - Hallerstr. 23 - CH-3012 Bern - Tel. +41 31 302 01 61