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The field is clear for a national human rights institution

NGO Platform Human Rights press release of 29 June 2016
The NGO Platform Human Rights welcomes the Federal Council’s decision to make way for a national human rights institution in Switzerland. Swiss NGOs have been working towards this goal for...

Abusing Facebook notifications to block atheist views in the Arab language

According to a report from the Atheist Alliance – Middle-East and North Africa (AA-MENA) on 19 April 2016, the number of cases is increasing in which Facebook sites, groups, or accounts are deleted or blocked after a large number of complaints have...

Disappointing Federal Council report on protection against discrimination

In its report dated 25 May 2016, the Federal Council presented its views on legal protection against discrimination in Switzerland and fulfilled a postulate by Martin Naef adopted by the National Council on 14 December 2012. Starting point: the SCHR...

Lack of funding for community interpreting: one reason for inadequate psychiatric support of traumatised refugees

Many refugees are traumatised by what they have experienced in their home country and while fleeing and are in urgent need of psychiatric support. The use of qualified intercultural interpreters and intermediaries facilitates understanding across...

Prison overcrowding in Champ-Dollon: Federal Supreme Court judgements and an alarming medical study

For many years, severe and continued overcrowding has been the norm in the prison of Champ-Dollon in Geneva. On 21 March 2016, the Federal Supreme Court found that detention standards in the biggest prison in Geneva violate Article 3 of the European...

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