Update: 24.08.2016

SVP Anti Human Rights Initiative submitted

On 12 August 2016 the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) handed in the signatures collected for its people’s initiative, “Swiss law instead of foreign judges” at the Federal Chancellery in Bern. For this occasion, the NGO coalition Schutzfaktor M launched the “Show the Red Card” campaign on social media channels. In a press release, Schutzfaktor M warns that the initiative may try to terminate the ECHR. Operation Libero also started a campaign against the "breach of contract initiative". And the "Dringender Aufruf" committee around Peter Studer started a fitting video spot and a declaration.

Schutzfaktor M’s arguments

Even before the SVP had submitted its people’s initiative “Swiss law instead of foreign judges”, the association Dialog EMRK (Dialogue ECHR) campaigned against the Anti Human Rights Initiative. At a meeting with experts and members of parliament on 13 June 2016, Dialog EMRK presented a set of arguments against the initiative. In addition, the Swiss think tank on foreign policy Foraus submitted a brief analysis.

Both papers conclude that the SVP initiative will undermine basic and human rights, that it is inherently contradictory and that it provides more legal uncertainty than clarity.

10 reasons not to support the Anti Human Rights Initiative

Schutzfaktor M has compiled a list of ten good reasons to fight against this self-determination initiative. It is possible that the initiative would result in the termination of the European Convention on Human Rights, even though the ECHR is an essential pillar of Swiss law, not a “foreign law.” Moreoever, the SVP initiative provides a false picture of international law, since international law is not opposed to Swiss national sovereignty but instead guarantees it. By adopting this initiative, Swiss voters would hamper Switzerland in international politics.

Useful information

Schutzfaktor M has compiled documents with additional relevant information. For example, they rectify and provide factual clarification on particular ECHR court rulings which the SVP considers “scandalous and revolting judgements decided on in Strasbourg.” The documents also include presentations held during the briefing on 13 June 2016 by Mark Villiger, Heinrich Koller, Niccolo Raselli and Cristina Gaggini as well as the policy brief by Foraus.

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