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Humanrights.ch was founded in 1999 as a sucessor organisation of the «Academy for Human Rights / AMR». Between 1999 and 2006, the association carried the name Human Rights Switzerland (Menschenrechte Schweiz / MERS) before taking on its present name in 2006.


The Association humanrights.ch aims at a better incorporation of human rights into daily life by

  • raising public awareness for human rights issues
  • organising projects in the field of human rights education
  • providing information to and establishing networks for non-governmental organisations
  • coordinating and compiling NGO shadow reports on human rights conventions.



Activities of Association humanrights.ch

The activities of the Association Humanrights.ch mainly incorporate information gathering, awareness raising, counselling and education. In addition, the Association coordinates and publishes reports and opinions making it easier for govenment agencies, international organisations and the general public to check on the human rights situation in Switzerland.

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