Update: 15.01.2019

Activities of the Association humanrights.ch

The activities of the Association Humanrights.ch/MERS mainly focus on the provision of information, awareness raising, networking and education. In addition, the Association coordinates and publishes reports and opinions on the human rights situation in Switzerland.

Information platform www.humanrights.ch

The information platform humanrights.ch was founded in 1999.

NGO Platform Human Rights

Humanrights.ch runs the secretariat of the «NGO Platform Human Rights» founded in 2013. The platform is a network of more than 80 Swiss NGOs from both German and French-speaking Switzerland.

Reviews and NGO reports

Humanrights.ch compiles consultative reviews and position papers on legal issues and possible future legislation. In cooperation with other NGOs, it also composes so-called shadow reports on governmental Swiss reports on the implementation of ratified human rights conventions.

Counselling network for victims of racial discrimination

This networking project supports specialised advice centres on racism all over Switzerland. A joint monitoring report called «Racism in the counselling practice» is published on a yearly basis.

Counselling network for confined persons

This project provides confined persons and their relatives in the Canton of Bern access to a competent and independent counselling service in cases of conflict with correctional facilities and authorities.

Participation in the Civic Solidarity Platform

Since 2013 humanrights.ch collaborates with the international NGO network «Civic Solidarity Platform». This network focuses on human rights work with regard to the OSCE.

Human rights education

Upon request, staff members of humanright.ch participate in educational events.

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