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Anti-terrorism measures: Overview of the Federal Council’s overall strategy

Deadly terrorist attacks in France, Germany and Belgium have led Swiss authorities to implement a number of measures and create legal packages to counteract terrorism using preventive measures. These hectic activities resulted in a system of four pillars...

Tug-of-war around the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

After some back and forth, the Federal Council decided to accept the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Will Parliament forestall a respective public proclamation on the UN’s adoption of the treaty in December 2018? On 18...

Another loop for the National Human Rights Institution – what are the intentions behind this?

The never-ending story about the creation of a Swiss National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) is one chapter longer. As a result of a baffling intervention by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, the proceedings are being delayed for an indefinite period....

Export of war material: the National Council re-establishes order

The Federal Council and the Security Policy Committees of both the Council of States and the National Council do not consider the use of Swiss war material in countries torn by civil war to be a problem. The National Council, however, is concerned. It...

A.N. vs. Switzerland: Dublin transfer to Italy suspended

Communication No. 742/2016, decision of 3 August 2018 The UN Committee against Torture (CAT) has made a ground-breaking decision. It has prohibited the transfer to Italy of an Eritrean man who was tortured in his country of origin. Since access to medical...

Popular initiative on the burqa ban: the Federal Council’s counter proposal

The popular initiative “Yes to a ban on full facial coverings” passed narrowly with 105,553 valid signatures on 11 October 2017. The initiative was launched by the Egerkingen Committee on 15 March 2016. Its aim is to ban religious facial...

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