Fight against racism in Switzerland

The Foundation against racism and antisemitism (GRA)
Swiss Foundation which aims to fight against all forms of discrimination and, in particular, anti-Semitism through education, campaigns, awareness-programmes etc.

Federal Service for Combating Racism
The Fachstelle für Rassismusbekämpfung is a Federal service for combating racism. The website is provided in German, French and Italian.

Federal Commission against Racism
Even if most of the documents are only available in French, German or Italian, this page contains a good stock of information about racism in Switzerland.

Coordination intercommunautaire contre l'antisémitisme et la diffamation (CICAD)
The CICAD is a NGO fighting all forms of anti-semitism in the French speaking part of Switzerland.
This section of the website of includes news about racism related issues in Switzerland.

Dr. Kurt Bigler / Bergheimer Preis
Homepage of the foundation which aims to financially support projects or activities of a scientific, pedagogical, social or psychological nature examining the causes of the Holocaust.

Homepage of the psychosocial counseling centre for Holocaust survivors and their families in Switzerland.

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