Update: 19.08.2011

European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR)

The European Committe of Social Rights (ECSR) monitors the member state’s compliance with the European Social Charter from 1961 and the revised Charter from 1996. 

Composition of the Committee

The Committee is composed of fifteen independent members who are elected by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers for a six years' tenure, with the possibility of a one-off re-election.  

Mandate and Modus Operandi

The Committee decides if the legal and de facto situation in member states coincides with the standards expressed in the European Social Charter. The monitoring procedure is rather complicated and mainly dwells on reports compiled by each state party:

  • Member states must compile a repot every year in which they describe their attempts to implement the standards of the Social Charter. You can find further information on state reports here.
  • The Committee reviews the reports and decides if the situation in the member states coincides with the Charter or not. These decisions are called conclusion and are published each year.
  • If a non-conform state fails to apply amending measures, the Committee of Ministers addresses the state again by recommendation. The work of the Committee of Ministers is prepared by a Governmental Committee composed of state representatives and government officials of member states.

The review process was simplified, modified and strengthend by the Additional Protocol to the Social Charter of 1991. This protocol will enter into force only upon ratification by all member states of the Social Charter. 

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