Update: 04.07.2019

Protocol No. 14 to the ECHR

Text: German / English / French / Italian

Protocol No. 14 to the ECHR dates from13 May 2004 and contains changes to the individual complaints procedure, thus trying to provide the necessary means and tools to the Court to efficiently and quickly dismiss inadmissible complaints (ECHR reform).

Strictly speaking, Protocol No. 14 is not an additional protocol, but a protocol of amendment. A protocol of amendment changes the original text of the ECHR itself and (compared to an additional protocol) only enters into force after it has been ratified by all member states. Protocol No. 14 entered into force on 1 June 2010 after it had been ratified by all 47 member states of the Convention. 46 states had ratified Protocol No. 14 many years ago with Russia blocking the ratification process until 15 January, when the Duma in Moscow finally gave the go-ahead for the ratification with 392 of 450 votes.

Protocol No. 14bis

Protocol No. 14bis to the ECHR (Englisch / French) dates from 25 May 2009 and entered into force already on 1 October 2009. The Protocol aimed at enhancing the capacity of the European Court of Human Rights when processing complaints. It had become necessary as Russia had blocked the ratification of Protocol No. 14 which only could enter into force if all CoE members agreed to a ratification. Protocol No. 14bis was applied as a temporary measure until the «regular» Protocol No. 14 had also been ratified by Russia.

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