Update: 04.07.2019

Protocol No. 7 to the ECHR

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Protocol No. 7 to the ECHR dates from 22 of 22 November 1984, and provides various procedural guarantees (right of aliens to procedural guarantees in the event of expulsion from the territory of a State, right of a person convicted of a criminal offence to have the conviction of sentence reviewed by a higher tribunal, right to compensation in the event of a miscarriage of justice, right not to be tried or punished in criminal proceedings for an offence for which one has already been acquitted or convicted) and the equality of rights and responsibilities between spouses and in their relations with their children, as to marriage, during marriage, and in the event of its dissolution. Protocol No. 7 entered into force on 1 November 1988 and has so far been ratified by 44 member states (as at 4 July 2019; current count).

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