Update: 19.08.2011

OSCE field missions

Field missions are a key instrument in the OSCE crisis and conflict management. The mandate of a mission is decided on by the OSCE Permanent Council, i.e. by consensus between all OSCE member states and in agreement with the respective host country. The head of a country office is appointed by the incumbent Chairman after consultations with the concerned and other interested states. A field mission is always limited in time.

At the service of the «human dimension»

Although the mandates of the currently 17 field missions are varied, the human dimension issues take a prominent place in the work of most missions. Many field missions have a mandate to monitor the observance of human and minority rights in the respective countries as well as to promote democratic and constitutional settings and the establishment of a civil society.

Example: OSCE mission in Kosovo

The mission in Kosovo is currently the largest OSCE mission. As third pillar of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) it is responsible for the promotion of human rights and for the development of democratic and constitutional institutions in Kosovo. The establishment of an Ombudsman institution for the protection and promotion of human rights plays an important role regarding human rights and minorities issues.

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