Update: 23.04.2014

Russia's Final Yes to Human Rights Court's Reform

After many years of blockade, Russia finally approved the ratification of Protocol 14 to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights (ECHR), which paves the way for court reform. On 15 January 2010, the State Duma finally supported the a long-delayed reform of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, boosting an institution often critical of Moscow. This is a success for the implementation of human rights within the Council of Europe. With 392 votes in favour and 56 opposed, reversing its previous rejection of the protocol in 2006, the Duma vote seems to have been possible because Russia saws its interests preserved by the Court's reform. Indeed, one Russian representative will court among the judges and one among the group of experts on the judgments' implementation.

The decision was a relief to the Palais de l'Europe in Strasburg. «By joining the other 46 member states, Russia is sending a strong signal of its commitment to Europe,» declared the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and it «reinforce its vital role in defending the human rights of individual citizens throughout Europe».


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