Legal sources by subject

On this page you will find a list of issues which roughly make up the basic human rights. Each link includes the relevant articles of the general declaration of human rights, the UN Human Rights Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights, further European conventions and the Swiss Federal Constitution.

Labour rights


Freedom of marriage / Forced marriage

Securing one's basic needs and emergency relief

Torture and inhuman treatment, prohibition of

Freedom of association

Forced labour / Slavery

Freedom of expression and freedom of information

Human Rights Education

Minority rights

Non-refoulement principle

Political rights

Education, right to

Health, right to

Life, right to

Food and water, right to

Shelter and accommodation, right to

Privacy, protection of

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Family life, protection of

Social security

Death penalty

Genocide / Crimes against humanity

Procedural guarantees

Freedom of assembly

Freedom of the arts and sciences / Cultural rights

Children's rights

Women’s rights

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