Update: 19.08.2011

Human Rights Council Advisory Committee

The Human Rights Council Advisory Committee is an expert committee that was erected by the Human Rights Council. It replaced the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.


The committee is composed of 18 independent experts that were elected by the Human Rights Council in its seventh session of March 26, 2008. The composition is in accordance with the geographic regions of the UN, with five members coming from Africa, five members from Asia, three from South America and the Carribean, three from Western Europe and other states and two from Eastern Europe. The Committee meets at most twice a year, for a maximum of ten days. The first session took place from August 4–15, 2008 at Palais des Nations, Geneva.

Current Composition

Mr. José Antonio Bengoa Cabello (Chile - 2010), Mr. Ansar Ahmed Burney (Pakistan - 2011), Mr. Shiqiu Chen (China - 2009), Ms. Chinsung Chung (Republic of Korea - 2010), Mr. Emmanuel Decaux (France - 2011), Mr. Hector Felipe Fix Fierro (Mexico - 2011), Mr. Wolfgang Stefan Heinz (Germany - 2010), Mr. Latif Huseynov (Azerbaidjan - 2011), Mr. Baba Kura Kaigama (Nigeria - 2011), Mr. Vladimir Kartashkin (Russian Federation - 2010), Mr. Miguel Alfonso Martinez (Cuba - 2009), Mr. Bernards Andrews Nyamwaya Mudho (Kenya - 2010), Ms. Purificacion V. Quisumbing (Philippines - 2011), Mr. Shigeki Sakamoto (Japan - 2010), Mr. Dheerujlall Seetulsingh (Mauritius - 2011), Ms. Halima Embarek Warzazi (Morocco - 2009), Mr. Jean Ziegler (Switzerland - 2009), Ms. Mona Zulficar (Egypt - 2010)

The president of the third session was Halima Embarek Warzazi, Vice-Presidents were José Antonio Bengoa Cabello, Purificacion V. Quisumbing und Jean Ziegler. Latif Huseynov war Rapporteur.


The Advisory Committee's main task is to support the Human Rights Council by providing expert knowledge and scientific studies. It was erected by the Council to qualitatively improve the human rights work of the Council. 

The Committee may not act independently, nor may it adopt resolutions or recommendations. It may, however, suggest new working themes to the Council. In case the Council assigns a mandate, the Advisory Committee may develop drafts on standard setting. It is currently doing so concerning a future Human Rights Development Declaration. 

The Advisory Committee is regarded as the think tank of the Human Rights Council.


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