Update: 24.08.2011

Enforcement of ILO Law

The central concern of the ILO is to fulfil the needs of people where they live and work. That requires a decentralization of responsibilities and means and the strengthening of economic abilities at the local level. For these reasons the ILO has aspired to implement direct contacts and assistant programmes («follow-up processes»). Furthermore, the ILO offers technical assistance to developing countries.

The ILO knows multiple procedures for the enforcement of human rights:

  • The report process in accordance with Article 19 V e, Article 22 and Article 23 ILO Constitution has proven to be quite effective. 
  • According to the complaint process described in Article 26 ILO Constitution, every contracting state can file a complaint against any other contracting state if there is the perception that the accused states is not doing enough to ensure its compliance with ILO law. This process is barely relevant in practice. 
  • According to Article 24 ILO Constitution industrial associations of employers can file joint complaints. Thereupon the state concerned is invited to express itself in an appropriate manner.
  • When other measures turn out the be ineffective, arbitrary measures can be enforced in accordance with Article 33 ILO Constitution.

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