Update: 19.08.2011

Organization of the ILO 



Contracting Members

183 States (as of May 29, 2009)

Legal Status

The ILO was founded as early as 1919. Since December 4, 1946 it is a specialized agency of the UN. ILO treaties are legally binding for all contracting states and could therefore also be called international labour laws. According to the ILO report system, contracting states must report to the ILO about measures taken and provisions introduced for the realization of the ratified ILO treaties.

Organizational Structure

The ILO consists of the International Labour Conference, the Governing Body and the International Labour Office. These organs fulfill the three main tasks of the ILO. The ILO is the only international organization with such a tripartite structure. Contracting states dispatch delegates to the ILO organs.

Further Information

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