Update: 19.08.2011

Content of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The guaranteed rights can be divided into the following categories: 

The Right to Work and Rights in Professional Life

The right to work; the right to fair and favorable working conditions; the right of employees to merge into unions; the right to strike. 

The Right to Secure One's Livelihood

The right to social security, the right of protection for one's family, the right to an adequate standard of living (sufficient sustenance, clothing and accommodation as well as a steady improvement of living conditions; The right to achieve the highest level of health.

Cultural and Academic Rights

The right to education; the right to complimentary primary school instruction; the right to participate in cultural life and academic progress; the right of artistic- and scientific freedom. 

Prohibition of Discrimination

Entitlement to benefit from these rights without discrimination concerning race, sex, language, religion, political or other views, national or social heritage; Equal opportunity for men and women in executing the rights of this Covenant.

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