Update: 22.05.2014

Protocol No. 7 to the ECHR

Adopted on 22 November 1984
Entry into force on 1st  November 1988
Ratified by 43 member States of the CoE (as at May 2014)

For Switzerland:
RS 0.101.07 (RO 1988 1598)
Signed on 16 February 1986
Ratified on 24 February 1988
Entry into force on 1st November 1988
Dispatch of 7 May 1986: BBl 1986 II 589 (in German); FF 1986 II 605 (in French)

Official text


The Seventh Protocol extends the list of rights protected under the Convention and its Protocols to include the following:

  • The right of aliens to procedural guarantees in the event of expulsion from the territory of a State;
  • The right of a person convicted of a criminal offence to have the conviction of sentence reviewed by a higher tribunal ;
  • The right to compensation in the event of a miscarriage of justice ;
  • The right not to be tried or punished in criminal proceedings for an offence for which one has already been acquitted or convicted (ne bis in idem) ;
  • Equality of rights and responsibilities as between spouses.

Explanatory report
More on description of the content (in German)

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