Update: 13.05.2014

Implementation of the FCNM: Periodic Report (2001-2003)

Monitoring of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities is done by the Council of Europe Ministers Committee. Together with the Advisory Committee, they examine regularly reports submitted by the States parties. The First Reporting Cycle went as follows:

a) State Report and Position Paper by the NGOs

In May 2001, the Swiss Government submitted to the Council of Europe its:

In January 2002, the Swiss human rights organisation Humanrights.ch (previously Menschenrechte Schweiz /MERS) submitted to the Council of Europe a:

b) Expertise by the Advisory Committee

During the Spring 2002, the Consultative Committee examined a first time the Swiss Initial Report and submitted complementary questions to the Swiss Government. An answer was given by the Swiss government to the Expertise in Autum 2002:

A delegation of the Advisory Committee visited Switzerland from 11 to 13 November 2002 in oder to meet experts of the Federal Administration, representatives of the cantons, members of the Parliament as well as representatives of national minorities, and members of organisations active in the protection of minorities in Switzerland. The Advisory Committee submitted in February 2003 a Visit Report to which Switzerland answered  in August 2003. 

c) Statement by Switzerland

The Federal Departement of Foreign Affais prepared an answer tot he Visit Report for the Committee of Ministers. The document was approved by the Federal Council in August 2003.

d) Resolution  

Finally, on 10 December 2003, the Committee of Ministers issue: 

Content and main conclusions of the First Cycle

At the end of this first reporting cycle, Humanrights.ch wrote a commentary that gives, for the German reader, a good overview of the procedure and its most important points:

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