Update: 09.01.2020

European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: Implementation in Switzerland

Adopted on 5 November 1992
Entered into force on 1 March 1998

For Switzerland:
RS 0.441.2 (RO 2003 2507)
Signed on 8 October 1993
Ratified on 23 December 1997
Entered into force on 1 April 1998
Dispatch of 25 November 1996: BBl 1997 I 1165 (in German) / FF 1997 I 1105 (in French)
No reservations made, but one declaration

Official text and further information

English / German / French / Italian

Description of the content

Periodic reports concerning Switzerland

According to Art. 15, a report on the implementation of the Charter is to be issued every three years. So far, Switzerland has submitted five reports on its language policy, mainly dealing with German in Bosco-Gurin (Ticino) and Ederswiler (French-speaking Jura), Italian in Grisons, Italian in Ticino, Romansh, Yenish, and Yiddish. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has mainly addressed the protection measures for the Romansh and Yenish languages.

Documentation of the reporting cycles

First reporting cycle

Second reporting cycle

Third reporting cycle

Fourth reporting cycle

Fifth reporting cycle

Sixth reporting cycle

Seventh reporting cycle

A compilation of the reports and recommendations is available on the site of the European Council.

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