Update: 27.09.2008

First Observations on the Implementation of Asylum and Foreigners’ Laws

On 24 September 2008, on of the Centre for Monitoring the Asylum and Foreigners’ Laws presented its first report. Two years after the adoption by vote by the Swiss population of the revised asylum law and the New Foreigners Act, the French-speaking Monitoring Centre published it first observations. The report, not presented as exhaustive, proposes solid information coherently organised by problematic subject. It denounces the promises not held by the authorities.


Regarding the implementation of the New Foreigner Act, the Monitoring Centre denounces the braking of regularisations process for illegal workers, the expulsion of well integrated adolescent and very strict practices towards children, even Swiss nationals.

Regarding the implementation of the revised asylum law, the Monitoring Centre denounces the rigidity and exaggerations by authorities around the criteria of ‘absence of identity papers’, the dangers of the appreciation of plausibility and the treatments’ inequalities in giving urgent assistance.


Like its Swiss-German and Swiss-Italian equivalent, the Swiss-French Monitoring Centre aims to highlight with the support of concrete cases the consequences of the new asylum and foreigners’ laws. Information and testimonies are collected by unionists, pastors, active citizens, but also studying cases submitted to the Federal Administrative Tribunal. Approximately forty situations, in which the respect of human rights is problematic, have been documented and presented on the Internet, a privileged tool of communication for th Monitoring Centre. 

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