Non Admission / Right to Emergency Assistance

Harassment of rejected asylum seekers at the cost of human dignity

Since the summer of 2016, the canton of Zurich has been tougher on rejected asylum seekers receiving emergency aid. It has issued numerous restriction orders, which are binding obligations that only allow the rejected asylum seekers to move freely...

Emergency aid – how much longer?

In early July 2015, a man committed suicide in the Ibach temporary accommodation for refugees in the city of Lucerne. He had come to Switzerland twelve years earlier and, after a refused request for asylum, he had lived off emergency aid for the most...

Emergency aid in Switzerland: «Scared away, but still here»

At the beginning of February, Amnesty International Switzerland, the Swiss Refugee Council (SFH), «Solidarité sans frontières», and the Swiss Supervisory Board for Asylum and Aliens Law (Schweizerische Beobachtungsstelle...

Failed Asylum Seekers Trying to Survive on Emergency Aid

Since 1 January 2008 the so-called emergency aid for asylum seekers is no longer only applied to asylum seekers whose applications have not been given close examinations, but has been extended to all refused asylum seekers. The emergency aid...

Access to emergency aid not always guaranteed

Since April 2004 asylum seekers whose application has been turned down without closer examination of their application do no longer receive welfare benefits. But, according to the Swiss Constitutions, all cantons must offer emergency aid to anyone...

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