Foreign National Act: Collected news items

Domestic violence: protection for affected female migrants

According to a July 2018 report by the Federal Council, the hardship ruling on the right of stay of foreign victims of domestic violence has largely proven its worth in cantonal practice. But for years, several NGOs have criticised Switzerland for...

Expulsion of foreign nationals: Swiss Federal Supreme Court confirms precedence of basic and human rights

In a widely noticed verdict, the Federal Supreme Court overturned the conviction by the Canton of Thurgau Administrative Court against a Macedonian national with right of residence in Switzerland. The first instance verdict for qualified infringement...

Too unstable legal position for victims of domestic violence

The prevailing legal situation in Switzerland is not at all satisfying for foreign wives with violent husbands. In many cases they lose their right of residence should they decide to leave their ruthless and brutal husbands. Many experts believe that...

Hope for migrant victims of domestic violence in St-Gallen

When a migrant woman stays on in Switzerland for reasons of family reunification and she then decides to step out of a marriage that lasted less than five years, the canton where she lives must send her back in her country of origin. Even if the...

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