Update: 23.04.2014

Hope for migrant victims of domestic violence in St-Gallen 

When a migrant woman stays on in Switzerland for reasons of family reunification and she then decides to step out of a marriage that lasted less than five years, the canton where she lives must send her back in her country of origin. Even if the reason for breaking the marriage is domestic violence. This procedure should end with the new Foreigners Act (in particular art. 50) which enters into force on January 1st, 2008. The canton of St. Gallen decided not to wait that long: on 6 July 2007, it presented its manual «Domestic Violence in the Context of Migration». Its core elements are the improved recognition of victims of domestic violence or forced marriages, interdisciplinary cooperation of national and non-governmental agencies as well as the right to freely choose the place of residence when not living with one's husband.

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