Update: 15.01.2008

Switzerland doesn't sign European Convention against sexual exploitation of children

On the 25th of October 2007 23 member states of the Council of Europe (CoE) signed the newly adopted Convention on the Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. Switzerland was not part of it. The convention will enter into force when five states have ratified it.

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For the first time, an international treaty criminalises sexual abuse, an offence which is usually carried out by people known to the victims. Preventive measures outlined in the convention include the screening, recruitment and training of people working in contact with children, making children aware of the risks and teaching them to protect themselves, as well as monitoring measures for offenders and potential offenders.

The convention also establishes programmes to support victims, encourages people to report suspected sexual exploitation and abuse, and sets up telephone and internet helplines for children.

Sources of the Council of Europe


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