Update: 03.02.2015

The anti-minaret initiative contradicts human rights

The Swiss population accepted with more the 57% the popular initiative that introduce a ban on the construction of minarets in Switzerland on 29 November 2009.  The ban, which is now written in the Federal Constitution and takes immediate effect, violates the fundamental rights of the Muslim community living in the country in an inacceptable way from the human rights point of view .

Freedom of religion and prohibition of discrimination

Freedom of religion is anchored in European Convention on Human Rights (art. 9) and in the Swiss Constitution (art. 15). Prohibition of discrimination is also anchored in the Swiss Constitution (art.15). With the adoption of the initiative's text, both the freedom of religion of Muslims living in Switzerland and the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religious belief as set out in several international human rights instruments that Switzerland is a party to.



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