Update: 21.08.2007

Research on age discrimination

The University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen is currently conducting research on the issue of age discrimination, in cooperation with Pro Senectute. This project is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The aim of the study is to gain more information on the dimensions and forms of age discrimination by speaking with persons concerned and witnesses.

The project manager, Prof. Walter Rehberg writes that up to now there is very little data available on how older persons are discriminated against and who is most affected by this kind of discrimination. For this reason the research group wants to collect data on first-hand experiences. The project has its own website where people can directly report any incidences of discrimination that they either suffered themselves or witnessed. 

Age discrimination means that people are treated differently and without any objective reasons because of their age, with the result that they are refused opportunities and rights.

Further information

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