Update: 11.10.2019

Amnesty International Report 2007

The human rights organisation Amnesty International (AI) launched in London its annual assessment of human rights in 152 countries, including Switzerland.

Powerful governments and armed groups are deliberately fomenting fear to erode human rights and to create an increasingly polarized and dangerous world, said the organisation. Its Secretary General Irene Khan said: «Through short sighted, fear-mongering and divisive policies, governments are undermining the rule of law and human rights, feeding racism and xenophobia, dividing communities, intensifying inequalities and sowing the seeds for more violence and conflict». The politics of fear is fuelling a downward spiral of human rights abuse.

Switzerland criticised

In the section about Switzerland, Amnesty criticised the new restrictions of the rights of asylum-seekers and migrants. It underlines that racism and discrimination appear to become a reality in every day life. Domestic violence is still an issue.

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