Update: 19.07.2012

Federal Council to scrutinise the protection against discrimination

The Federal Council is to prepare a report on the existing legal provisions and their effectiveness. A respective postulate by national councillor Martin Naef of the Social Democratic Party (SP) was handed in on 14 June 2012. The concern is also supported by politicians of FDP, BDP, EVP, CVP, the Green Party and the Green Liberal Party.

The Federal Council emphasises regularly that the present law provides fully sufficient protection from discrimination and that a general act on equal treatment is not needed. Various NGOs, among them humanrights.ch, contradict this perception, considering the present regulations as being inconsistent, complicated and incomplete. In the past Switzerland has also been repeatedly criticised by various international bodies for insufficient legal protection against discrimination. The National Council and the Council of States have repeatedly rejected motions for the creation of a general act on equal treatment.

The postulate handed in wants the Federal Council to substantiate the said efficiency of the present anti-discrimination legislation using scientific data. According to Martin Naef, such data «at present is only very incompletely available». In a next step the National Council will discuss the matter.

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