Penal Action

In this section you find news concerning penal action, including articles on crimes against humanity.

Nezzar case: the Federal Criminal Court reprimands the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland

On 30 May 2018, the Federal Criminal Court approved the complaints of three alleged victims of torture and arbitrary arrests in the Nezzar case. With this decision, the institutional wrangling between...

Switzerland creates special unit for an efficient fight against impunity

Perpetrators of international crimes will have to think twice before setting foot on Swiss territory. Swiss authorities have decided to create a new special unit for the prosecution of very serious...

Sri Lankan Vice-Ambassador accused of war crimes

On 4 August 2011, the STP and TRIAL filed a lawsuit with the Office of the Attorney General against the Sri Lankan Deputy Ambassador, Jagath Dias, who is a suspected war criminal. Dias had been active...

119 citizens rehabilitated for helping refugees during Nazi time

The Rehabilitation Committee of the Federal Assembly (CReha) has completed its search of military court records held by the Federal Archives on 12 June 2007. Since the begin of the Committee’s...

Authors of crimes against humanity to be pursued in Switzerland as well

On 1 March, 2007, the Federal Council took act of the results of the consultation on revision of the Swiss Penal Law. It will work on the norms that will allow fighting more transparently crimes...

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