Police / Coercion / Violation

In this section you find news concerning human rights issues in policing in Switzerland.

Suspected police violence in the canton of Vaud: authorities must act

Several people have died during or following an arrest by the police in the canton of Vaud in one year. Authorities have yet to respond. This troubling situation has mobilised civil society. Several...

Racial profiling: Federal Supreme Court upholds the judgement in the “Wa Baile” case

On 7 March 2018, the Federal Supreme Court upheld the conviction the Canton of Zurich Supreme Court of Mohamed Wa Baile by. On 5 February 2015, Mr. Wa Baile refused to present his papers during a...

Racial profiling: police see no need for action

On 1 December 2016, the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights (SCHR) held a symposium on the discriminatory identity checks. The keynote speakers were Markus Mohler (an expert in police law),...

Police and human rights - in general and in Switzerland

On behalf of the state, the police have to guarantee the compliance to the law assuring that within the framework of the existing legal system everybody can use the (basic) rights assured to them by...

Current estimates and requirements with respect to police power

In Switzerland, victims of disproportionate police violence is in a difficult position since the penal system only reluctantly presses charges against members of the police force. There is no...

New Amnesty International study on stun guns

On 16 December 2008, the human rights organisation Amnesty International released a detailed report on the safety of the stun gun. The number of people who died after being struck by Tasers in the...

Use of Force Act: law and ordinance come into effect in January 2009

The Swss Federal Council announced that on 1 January 2009 the standardised law on compulsory measures will be put into effect at a federal level. The Use of Force Act describes in which precise...

Human rights’ shortcomings in Swiss police force

On 27 June 2007 the Swiss section of Amnesty International (AI) published a detailed report on the shortcomings of the Swiss police and observed its virtual impunity. The human rights organisation...

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