Update: 22.01.2008

Surge of racist incidents in Switzerland

The Federal Commission against Racism counted 49 reported cases of racist incidents in 2006 - as many as never before. The Commission started documenting all cases falling under penal law in 1995 when a new law required the government to keep track of all incidents. Since then, 355 cases have been reported, half of them leading to prosecution. 

Their collection shows Jews as the most disproportionately targeted ethnic group, which make up one quarter of all recorded cases. Every third victim of a racist attack was a non-white person. But it must be born in mind that only a small percentage of incidents are reported at all and a great number of racist incidents do not relate to the penal law, but occur in the realm of public law, such as racially motivated harassment in the workplace, and therefore do not show in the documentation of the Commission against Racism. 


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