Update: 05.05.2014

School and further education in international human rights

In the following we have chosen some citations on the subject. At the end of each original citation you can find the source with a link to the complete text of the citation.

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights CESCR

«The Committee reminds the State party that human rights education and training is an obligation of State under article 13 of the Covenant. The Committee urges the State party to promote human rights through human rights education in schools, in awareness raising and information campaigns for the public at large, and in training programmes for judges, public authorities and all agents of State.»

Human Rights Committee CCPR

«The State party should take measures to ensure that the authorities in all cantons and communities are aware of the rights set out in the Covenant and of their duty to ensure respect for them.» 

Committee on the Rights of the Child CRC

«Develop and disseminate systematic and ongoing training programmes on human rights, including children’s rights, for all professional groups working for and withchildren (e.g. federal and cantonal parliamentarians, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials, civil servants, local government officials, personnel working in institutions and places of detention for children, teachers and health personnel)»


«Systematically train the police force on the human rights of children.»

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women CEDAW

«The Committee calls upon the State party to strengthen its efforts to eliminate stereotypical images and attitudes regarding the roles of women and men in the family and in society, in accordance with articles 2 (f) and 5 (a) of the Convention. This should include legal, policy and awareness-raising measures, taken in a coordinated fashion and directed at women and men generally, as well as different forms of media and targeted programmes in the educational system, to encourage further diversification of the educational choices of boys and girls and enhanced sharing of family responsibilities. The Committee also recommends targeted measures for the media and the educational system to promote positive images of ethnic and minority women and migrant women. It calls upon the State party to review periodically the measures taken in order to assess their impact, to take appropriate action and to report thereon to the Committee in its next periodic report.»


«It also recommends awareness-raising campaigns about the Convention aimed at parliamentarians, the judiciary and legal professionals.»

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance ECRI

«Training for members of the police force to enable them to deal in a fair and equal way with all persons, including persons of foreign origin, should be stepped up, both during initial training and in on-going training courses. In particular, an end should be put to clearly discriminatory police practices, such as stopping and searching members of certain minority groups, particularly black Africans, with no grounds for so doing.»

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