Update: 05.05.2014

International Feedback: Police violence

In the following we have chosen some citations on the subject. At the end of each original citation you can find the source with a link to the complete text of the citation.

Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

«Investigate cases of excessive use of force during arrest, detention and questioning of suspects (Russian Federation);»

Committee against Torture CAT

«The Committee is concerned by allegations of violence or the excessive use of force or other mistreatment by the police during the questioning of suspects in their homes or in police stations. The Committee is particularly concerned by the fact that some of these allegations mention an excessive use of force against foreigners, especially asylum-seekers and migrants, above all of African origin, and particularly in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud (arts. 2, 12, 13, 14 and 16).»


«Take measures to compile, at national level, disaggregated data relating to the cases of alleged torture or ill-treatment, in particular in the context of the application of the lawon asylum and the law on foreigners, as well as to the outcomes of any investigations andprosecutions that might be pursued.»


«Ensure that all complaints for acts of ill-treatment are properly and effectively investigated and that the alleged perpetrators are prosecuted and if found guilty sanctionedaccordingly. Victims and their families should be informed of their right to pursue compensationand procedures should be made more transparent. In this regard, the State party should provide written information to the Committee on the steps taken to compensate the families of thetwo victims of the two recent cases of death caused during forcible deportation.»

Committee on the Elimination of Racism CERD

«Allegations of police abuse and excessive use of force against persons of foreign origin during arrest or in the course of deportations are also of concern. The Committee notes thatmany cantons do not have independent mechanisms for investigation of complaints regardingviolence and abuse by the police, and that sanctions against responsible officers have been rare. The State party should ensure that independent bodies with authority to investigate complaintsagainst police officers are established in all cantons. Efforts should also be made to recruitmembers of minority groups into the police and to provide sensitization and training of police officers on issues of racial discrimination.»

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