Federal Office for Migration


Quellenweg 6
3003 Bern-Wabern

Contact person

+41 (0)31 325 11 11

Operating range

  • National
  • International

Relevant duties in the context of human rights

The Federal Office for Migration (FOM) is the federal agency responsible for all matters concerning immigration and emigration, alien’s legislation, asylum and refugee legislation, and Swiss citizenship. The following are among FOM’s main objects:

  • Ensure a coherent policy toward aliens; this involves in particular: Admitting aliens to work and reside in Switzerland, thus observing the requirements of international law and taking into account humanitarian considerations such as reuniting family and admitting foreign workers to the Swiss labor market, thereby taking into consideration aggregate economic interests, these people’s long-term prospect of professional and social integration, and their capacity for meeting the scientific and cultural demands of Switzerland.
  • Enforce the Swiss policy on asylum seekers and refugees as envisioned by Federal Parliament and the Federal Council; in particular, this entails safeguarding a coherent admission and return policy;
  • Create conditions favorable both to integrating the foreign population in Switzerland and to stimulating well-balanced demographic and social development.

Main work in the human rights field

  • Lobbying / Networking / Human rights policies

Issues our organisation works on

  • Refugee / asylum law and policy
  • Legislation and policy on foreigners

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