Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
Migration and Health


3003 Bern

Contact person

Thomas Spang
+41 58 46 30601 (Sekretariat)

Operating range

  • National

Relevant duties in the context of human rights

The aim of the national Migration and Health programme is to improve the health-related behaviour and the overall health of the migrant population in Switzerland. Measures taken in the area of public health must include migrants as part of their focus, otherwise they will fail to reach an important segment of their target public – with ensuing cost implications.

  • The strategy’s vision: “Everyone living in Switzerland shall be given a fair opportunity to develop their health potential. No-one will be disadvantaged by avoidable discrimination.” Thus the efforts involved in implementing the strategy are not only being made on behalf of the migrant population but are also intended ultimately to enable socially disadvantaged people in the native population to benefit from improved awareness of discriminatory elements in the healthcare system.
  • With the National Programme "Migration and Public Health", the FOPH takes part in a comprehensive campaign to improve the integration of the migrant population.
  • The measures are implemented in four fields of action: (1) Health promotion and prevention (2) Training and continuing education in healthcare (3) Healthcare provision (4) Research and knowledge management The four fields of action are completed by the cross-sectoral task of Mainstreaming Migration which includes activities in the fields of information/communication and coordination/networking.

Main work in the human rights field

  • Human rights monitoring
  • Lobbying / Networking / Human rights policies
  • Awareness raising, Campaigning
  • Information / Documentation
  • Research

Protection of vulnerable groups

  • Asylum seekers / Refugees
  • Foreigners / Migrants

Issues our organisation works on

  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Right to health

International Reference


  • Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD)
  • WHO

Current projects with human rights focus

  • All actual projects you find on the following websites of the section.

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