Federal Social Insurance Office
Federal Commission for Children and Youth Affairs


Effingerstrasse 20
3003 Bern

Contact person

Marion Nolde
058 462 92 26

Further contacts

Claudia Profos
058 462 79 80

Operating range

  • National

Relevant duties in the context of human rights

  • Promotes the Swiss implementation of the integral UN children’s rights convention; involved in the development of a coordinated national child and youth policy.
  • Focuses over the last few years: National study on the attitudes and concerns of 17-years olds in Switzerland on major political et social issues, children, youths and consumption, right of the child to be heard, youth sexuality, poverty and social exclusion, children and youth participation.
  • Voices needs specific to children and youths in the scope of consultations.

  • Advises the federal authorities on child and youth specific questions; provides general information on children and youths; participates in expert groups; etc.
  • Cooperation on national level (with children and youth NGOs; the national conference of the cantonal children and youth secretaries; federal authorities and administration; various commissions, etc.) and one-off commitments on international level.

Main work in the human rights field

  • Lobbying / Networking / Human rights policies

Protection of vulnerable groups

  • Children and adolescents

Issues our organisation works on

  • Children’s rights / Child labour / children / teenagers

International Reference


  • Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

Current projects with human rights focus

Focus 2014-2015: National study on the attitudes and concerns of 17-years olds in Switzerland on major political et social issues. Study report (with summary in English), short version and conference.

  • Focus 2013 - 20141: children, youths and consumption

  • Focus 2010 - 2011: children's rights in Switzerland, specially the right to be heard

Publications on human rights issues

Reports and publications:

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