Update: 21.02.2018

The Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights becomes operational

    On 6 May, the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights SCHR has terminated its start-up phase by celebrating an official opening ceremony. As from now, the SCHR will present itself operational. One of the first signs therefore is the opening of the four-language SCHR website:

    SCHR Newsletter

    A first SCHR newsletter was also mailed on 6 May 2011, addressing all persons interested in human rights relevant topics, be it on communal, cantonal or federal level, as well as organisations from the economy and civil society. Its appearance will be coordinated with the publication of the humanrights.ch newsletter which will focus selected topics and problems arising from the implementation of human rights in Switzerland from a legal perspective.

    Participation by humanrights.ch

    Humanrights.ch is integrated into SCHR by a present mandate. The team is responsible for the support of the SCHR website moreover humanrights.ch is to carry out a bridging function between the SCHR and Swiss civil society.


    Media coverage and press releases on the SCHR opening

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