«Universal Periodic Review» 2008: Switzerland

In 2008, Switzerland was subjected to the UN Human Rights Council's «Universal Periodic Review». On this page, we will document the process and its results.

Interim assessment on the implementation of the UPR recommendations in Switzerland

Almost one year after the publication of the assessment of Switzerland by the UN Human Rights Council, the recommendations to Switzerland have finally been discussed by an interdepartmental working group which included three representatives of the cantonal authorities as well as the Committee of the...

Missed Opportunities – an analysis of the Swiss UPR

The Human Rights Council adopted the outcomes of the first Universal Periodic Review process on the report on Switzerland. Originally, thirty-one recommendations were made: the Federal Council has accepted twenty, some of which have already been put into practice. Eleven recommendations have been...

Priority recommendations for the Swiss Coalition for the UPR

The Coalition of Swiss NGOs has established a list of priorities for the 23 recommendations made by the UPR of the Human Rights Council to Switzerland. The Swiss government has not yet taken position: he will either accept or refuse the recommendations during the 8the session of the Council, on 12...

Switzerland examined by Human Rights Council’s UPR

A first draft of the first country report on Switzerland was accepted on 13 May 2008 at the UN Human Rights Council. After a three hours review, Switzerland promised to implement six recommendations to improve its human rights record and to examine twenty-three other recommendations; it rejected...

Six key issues concerning the UPR of Switzerland - documentation

In May 2008 Switzerland will undergo the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of the UN Human Rights Council. A coalition of 30 Swiss NGOs, among which Humanrights.ch / MERS and Amnesty International, wants to encourage a public debate in Switzerland before, during and after the Review focussing on...

NGO Report on the Universal Periodic Review of Switzerland

In May 2008 the UN Human Rights Council will scrutinize Switzerland concerning human rights within the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism (UPR). On 26 February 2008, a coalition of 30 Swiss Human Rights NGOs published a report as part of the UPR.  The most important point raised in the report...

NGOs involved in Swiss UPR

In May 2008 Switzerland will be examined in the process of the «Universal Periodic Review» (UPR) from the Human Rights Council. This mechanism stipulates that each member state of the UN will be examined concerning the compliance with its human rights duties.  Non-governmental...

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