Workshop: Human Rights & Sports

30. juin 2022, de 9h à 18h
Université de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne

This initiative aims at bringing together international organisations in the area of sports and the academic world.The world of sports is an autonomous regulatory environment. It has its own rules and governance. However, sports actors are not exempt from complying with the law in force. Athletes are in a particular position at the border of two regulatory environments.

On the one hand, human rights law still seems to offer them limited protection. Indeed, their first interlocutors - and sometimes authors of an infringement of their rights - are private persons such as sports associations and federations, sponsors, media actors or arbitration bodies. However, States have a positive obligation to protect those who suffer human rights violations. On the other hand, over the last ten years, sporting organisations have been developing a discourse based on human rights values, supporting an approach much more respectful of athletes' personality.

In this context, the question of athletes’ human rights is a specific issue. What are the content and scope of athletes' human rights? How effective are human rights protection mechanisms (international human rights law or the business and human rights approach)? How to strengthen the respect, protection and implementation of athletes' human rights in the organisational context of sport?

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